Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday of 2011

After days and days of incessant blog posts nobody really cares about, I now present you, MY VERY FIRST OUTFIT POST! Oh yes! Excuse my awkwardness for I was channeling my inner blogger-slash-fashionista-slash-Rumi Neely-slash-*insert a blogger's name here* pose.

The print: it can't get any Chrismas-y than this!

Don't you just loove how the wall complemented my cover-up? Tee-hee :)

My signature pose... THE MONKEY. I kid you, I kid you.
Watchu looking at? My cover-up as a scarf.
Let me end my vanity with this photo. How classy.
It's so funny how I literally DRAGGED my sister to take my photos. I applaud her, not bad for an amateur 11 year-old. 

Buttondown from Kryz Uy's stall in Bloggers United 2, vintage cover-up, Forever 21 pants. I bet Kryz will be so proud! Haha!

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