Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alexa Wears It Well

The lack of updates is caused by me, working on 2 research papers in English and in Filipino. It's very hard juggling these things all together especially if you're a person like me who can't resist but keep on opening my daily online rituals and spend more time reblogging in Tumblr rather than working on why teenage pregnancy is fast becoming a trend (ikr, such a cool and original thesis, no hate please haha!) Speaking of reblogging, every time an image of Alexa Chung pops in my dashboard makes me all giddy and makes me wanna have my own Chanel 2.55 and Mulberry Alexa bag in brown even more. The British epitomy of effortless nonchalant style continues to blur the lines between what's luxe and what's wearable and the March issue for Elle proves just that.

Say what you wanna say about how this editorial was made (OMG THE HAIR LOOKS LIKE CRAP IT SEEMS LIKE SHE WAS STYLED BY A DYSLEXIC DRAG QUEEN!!!) but you can't deny the fact that she is one heck of an icon.

She's my wife.

Now if you may excuse me. I still hafta figure out a good way to work on the outline of the whole teenage pregnancy thing. Oh, the most intriguing and inventive thesis of all time. Hayyyz.

PS. is my blog too wide? yeah, i edited and tweaked and adjusted the width. for better and bigger pictures!


  1. so true what you wrote about alexa..
    i simply love her style.
    good luck with your teenage pregnancy research .. i'm sure you'll find enough ;)

    following you now. you are amazing.

  2. Oh my god thank you thank you thank you!