Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come As You Are

Mmm yes. I need to have everything in this collection. That metallic skirt? Checked it already with my turquoise glitter ballpen. That metallic jacket? Checked it already with mah magenta glitter ballpen. Cozy knit sweater perfect for cold summer nights? Pants with metallic strip- down on the legs? I would totally abuse it and wear it in rotation. 

I've got a new pose idea: fingers on the lips looquee to evoke that "oh-look-how-sexy-I-am-I-can-be-your-Lana-Del-Rey-scarlet-starlet-for-the-day" mood. There's something so satisfying about that pose that makes me wanna do it all day. WHATEVAH!!

photos via Stylestalker


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