Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January Reads

Yes, aside from my "Guilty Pleasure" web list, I peruse magazines and books too. I'm an English major so it's necessary for me to read and read and read!

Follow The Model by Miss J. Alexander, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (don't hate),
InStyle October 2011, Preview Girl 2011 and US Vogue's September 2011 issue

I bought Miss J's book last year (I suppose??) when he and Nigel Barker came here in Manila to promote their books. I already read it a couple of times because I love how he narrates his story in a comedic and funny manner so it does not bore me. His story is really inspirational too. 

After their talk, fans and supporters can have their books signed. Well, well, well, lookie-lookie what Miss J wrote on mine! That was such an "OMG-SOMEONE-FROM-THE-FASHION-WORLD-RECOGNIZED-MY-FASHION-SENSE-AND-SAID-IT-WAS-CUTE-BUT-I'M-NOT-CONVEYING-CUTENESS-WHEN-I-DRESS-UP-LOOK-BUT-I-DON'T-MIND" moment. It's something I re-read whenever I feel down and uninspired when dressing up.

From InStyle magazine, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it's Hot 100 list. It encouraged me to pursue my dreams and passion for fashion even at a young age. I mean, hello, if Daphne Groeneveld can werk the runways of Milan and Paris, why can't I work in the fashion industry, too? Right, right? Hey, it's free to dream. 
On another note, I commend Daisy Lowe for picking up really nice stuff in her guest sitting at the Instant Style section. 

Aaah, Kate Moss. Do I even need to explain why I NEED TO READ VOGUE'S SEPTEMBER ISSUE? I was amazed with it's thickness, really. 700+++ pages makes it look like a bible.

Best editorial from the issue. I love how the clothes blended with China's mysteriousness. Werk it Karlie.

Preview Girl is killing it. I love it's contents especially the Prints Charming one styled by none other than Miz Camille Co. Although I would love to have another person on the cover (I think Jessy is too mainstream), everything went well. Loves it.

I have a confession: Yes, I've seen Harry Potter in the movies and think it's for geeks and nerds but wtf, was I on drugs or meth or something when I though about that? I mean, hello, I think I just missed reading the Shakespeare of our generation! But it's never too late for a Harry Potter late-bloomer like me. 

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