Sunday, January 8, 2012

Layer It

It's been a long while since my Roiworld styling sesh so here's a dolled-up version of layering.


Look#1: Dandy and androgynous
Look#2: A pop of color goes a long way!
Look#3: Since parkas and windbreakers are all over the runways, why not incorporate it in the outfit?
Look#4: Add a dash of an electric blue bag and off you go gurl!

Final look! 


Look#1: Channeling Alexa Chung.
Look#2: Put on a neon orange coat for that unexpected twist!
Look#3: Now things get more complicated: pile that animal print!
Look#4: Keep things matchy-matchy with a simple duffel bag in black.

Final look!


Look#1: Sporty Rumi Neely-look! (did I give her justice? Please say yes.)
Look#2: But it's too cold! Let's put that orange sweater once more, shall we?
Look#3: But it's super-duper-ultra-mega-cold! Let's put on a coat!

Final look! She decided to wear tights!

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