Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Sun Is High and The Prints Are Bright

Happy Thursday everybody! Today was uniform day but I decided to share with you guys some new clothes I got so I brought them to school with me. Shooting this outfit post was like hell. My eyes were burning from the heat, I was sweating all over and my pants are squeezing my legs very tightly. The sun was at its full blast at 12 high noon and there I was, parading in my "look-at-me!" clothes, posing and lounging in school.

Run, run baby run run! Teen Vogue in the woods was my peg! 

Thrifted shirt and poncho, buttondown from H&M, jeans from Moto Topshop

Cleanliness is next to cooliness, yeah, right.

Even though the sun was at its peak, if you love what you're doing and enjoying every single moment, it will all be worth it. Layering the clothes at that point in time was really inappropriate and almost impossible but for the love of fashion, I'll have a Karlie-Kloss-in-a-maillot-during-winter moment. Case closed.

photos courtesy of Andrea Gapan. <3

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