Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Denim + Sheer + Denim

I never stray away from colors. NEVAH! I'm a person of prints and color so I thought of toning it down a little bit with a denim on denim look with a pop of a sheer orange (or is it mustard?) top I borrowed from my mom.

I'm very fond of rummaging my mom's closet. It's full of vintage pieces, often colorful and chic. Trends come and go indeed, as evident in my sheer top that garnered a lot of "I like your top!" compliments. Being the modest bitch that I am, "fenk you" was all I could reply ;-)

Top from Zara (borrowed from my mom!), denim jacket (borrowed from my aunt!)
Jeans from Folded and Hung. OMG I smiled. I look so fresh! See what the colors (and confidence!) can do? 

"oooh a flower."

While shooting this post, Lana Del Rey's Off To The Races was playing constantly on my mind. Whew. Her music is like drugs, it can sure get you high! 
*every beat of his cocaine heaaarrrt*

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