Monday, February 13, 2012

District Ranger 88

Am I the only one who finds The Hunger Games a book of epic and stupefying proportions? Turning the book page by page and anticipating the way things will go and what unexpected predicaments are bound to happen is a regular and almost tedious feat to face, but all of it was worth it. Especially with a movie coming out!

So this is what you get after 3 straight hours of reading The Hunger Games: a look inspired by it.

What went through my mind for this outfit: if I become a tribute for my district, (I'm from District 88, the classiest district of all, lol, kidding!) what should I wear? Cinna who? I don't need a stylist, I can do it by myself!

The imminent stares, yes I got those but what I appreciated the most was when one of my friends, Tara, jokingly yapped about how I look like a power ranger... Umm, okay? But after some thought and constant looks in the mirror, yeah, I do like a Power Ranger with mah two-toned leggings which looks and made me feel like I'm wearing thigh-high boots. And it did a great job in calming me down because of our anarchistic Philippine History professor who was perpetually making me tremble what with all the things he kept on asking us and me, being the 2 brain-celled dumbella that I am, confided to the lush leather of my pants, with me rubbing and running my fingers over it.. Hayy.

The posters and teasers are getting me really excited and I'm sure y'all agree with me when I say that we just can't wait to see The Hunger Games on the big screen.