Thursday, March 29, 2012

Acqua Livingstone

Italian luxury fashion house Missoni, released renderings for its very first residential project: a 52-story condo tower set to be completed in 2015 here in the Philippines! Yes you read that right!

Acqua Livingstone has your common spaces like the pool, lobby and gym, all decked out in the brand’s variegated squiggles and stripes, but the actual residences are empty of Missoni design touches, which are offered for an additional premium. One-bedroom starts at a whopping $82,000 (3.5 MILLION PESOS). Bam wham bam baby arriba arriba, kaching, kaching, ba-bling ba-bling! The things you'd do to live the glamorous life..

I am just in awe. I love the mix of modern design plus the warm and fun touches of color and pattern is such a delight to see! 

“We brought our colors and our style inside. It’s a happy, positive approach: summer colors, solar colors,” Vittorio Missoni said of the 52-story building. “Coming from the outside you’re going to be surprised. … It’s like opening a box and discovering something unexpected.” (via T Magazine)

I wouldn't mind cocooning in my abode if it looks like this. Call me anti-social or whatsoever, this is design paradise right here and I am aspiring to be here!!!! Just look at those floral chairs!! So cheerful and colorful no?

Don't even get me started with the bedroom...

Oh, I can only imagine throwing the pool parties I'd host.

From Paris Hilton's Azure Urban Resort Residences to a Versace-branded tower to this. I'm loving how the Philippines is expanding its horizons and embracing the fusion of fashion, architecture and the urban life.

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