Monday, March 26, 2012

For The Love of Prints, Color and Texture

Oh hai guys. Yes, I'm still alive. The past couple of weeks was spent on daunting end-of-school shenanigans, sheer laziness, lounging in my room and decorating my closet with last-last season's fashion ad campaigns (Prada F/W 2010? Anyone?). Stressful right? It's summer here in the Philippines and the summer vibes has now been fully injected in my system and what better way to welcome it with a collection reminding all of us the fun we can have in summer.. not the R&R sessions at the beach though, but the fun with clothes!

Everyone loves a good ol' case of color, print and texture story and MSGM's Massimo Giorgetti does just that with his pre-fall collection. I know it's absolutely innate in me to beam with delight whenever I see a collection so well styled with my name stamped all over it and these pictures are a testament to it.

I have been scouring every store for the perfect button-down shirt and I believe this chic lace one is the best I've seen so far. I better use my X-ray vision finding these on thrift shops cause I know these are blockbuster hits there.

Pure perfection, this is me. The stark contrast between the racer print and the dainty florals are ah-mayzing and buh-nanas. Not to mention that metallic disco trousers.

Print. It. On.

I am obsessing over this fur jacket. I wanna feel it, touch it and HAVE IT.

Is it possible for someone to fall in love with the brilliance of these? Yes. But is it possible for me to even get a single piece from this collection? Hmm, maybe not.

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