Thursday, December 20, 2012

Contrast and Coincidence

Pretty much skipped my Ethics class for some shopping action at the 4th Bloggers United held at the World Trade Center last December 15. It's always fun seeing and meeting people you recognize from your laptop / PC screen and be amazed at how thin/beautiful/warm/human they are no?

Scanning the tent, thoughts of "i wonder what made them decide to wear such thing" and "i look better than that generic-looking girl in her arm party and riot of florals" plagued my mind. After perusing some random guy's blog and his ramblings about minimalism and Kate Moss the night before the bazaar definitely stuck right in to my pea-sized two-brain celled brain. I swear to god, I can get so mean in such a short span of time. Oh and it just came to my senses that this is my last post before the world ends tomorrow haha!

Lo and behold Czarina and I incorporating black and white in our outfits. Coincidence, I tell you. We didn't talk about it and it's so amazing that we both pulled off a black-and-white color scheme.

Rumi Neely approved hat...Offspring status. Enough said.

SM Department store floppy hat, Jellybean eyewear, thrifted buttondown and backpack, Topshop jeans, Reva sneakers