Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arctic Boxers @ A. Wang

Alexander Wang's fall 2013 collection! Ha, not because it's Valentines Day ta-day means that I will torment myself with my nonexistent lovelife on a verbal diarrhea post, with pictures of chocolates and hot guys and cheesy quotes.

This has got to be one of my faves this season. I just want to book a flight to Antartica ASAP and wear those structured jackets and coats.Oh and those crazy furry boxing gloves would make a good handwarmer too! Insouciant. Cool. Devil-may-care. Urban chic. A different direction, a different approach, Wang's ready for his takeover at Balenciaga, that's for sure.

A boxy silhouette and all wrapped up in dreary grays

I dunno why, but I just gravitated towards this look after seeing it on the runway. Maybe it's the jacket? But definitely not the granny pants.

Interesting grid pattern on the skirt + an ovoid sweater

It's all about that magnificent fold.

Gym ready.

Slick and sexy. 

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